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The Really Honest FAQ Page

What are your opening hours?
Monday to Thursday 09.00am -16.30pm Friday 09.00am- 13.30 pm. Closed Bank holidays and odd days when it is 12-15 kts and 80 in the shade

I can get cheaper on Ebay or my local sign writer. Why?
You get what you pay for. There are different grades of material depending on usage. When you see cracked and shrinking vinyl in the Marina It may only be 3-5yr exterior for vans or even 1-2 year grade, not marine grade. Our Vinyl has been used on Americas Cup and 'Round The World” yachts and stays on IF applied properly. If it doesn't we have been here since 2002 and are still here to find out why and try and find out why and how to put it right for you. Try to find your "Ebayer" after 2 years.

Can I call in?
Sorry - No we are not a shop.

Do I get a background with my order?
NO NO no no no. it is shown for representational purposes only. Your decals are applied in one piece but when applied leaving only they letters behind. Please see "how to Apply" on our help videos page.

Will my vinyl fade?
Yes definitely. No matter what anyone else will tell you it WILL fade Even if it is the best possible quality. If applied correctly it will stay stuck on for over 7 years, but it will fade. Maybe only a bit but it will fade.

Any guarantees by manufacturers are all in the small print. Northern climes, vertically applied, not in strong sunlight etc etc. You get the picture. Your Ebay one will probably fall off and fade a whole lot quicker!

How long does my graphic take to make?
Usually 2 working days to manufacture and put into the mail, but it may take up to 5 working days during busy periods or if we have to order material specially.

Can you match the cut vinyl to Pantone or RAL colours?
Unfortunately, not. The vinyl is coloured during manufacture at the factory.

I want a boat name for both sides. Do I ask for one to be reversed?
No. A boat name always reads left to right, unless it is Arabic or Da Vinci. Either way it runs the same way no matter which side it is on.

Can I use my boat name or graphic straight away?
Yes, with a bit of common sense. Just try not to bash it into a pier for a day or two

Is striping tape available from stock.
No, it is ordered specially from the factory and it may take a couple of days to arrive with us.

Can I supply my own graphics?
Yes you can. Please email it to us so that we can check its suitability. BUT please note that an Image grabbed from the Internet is very very rarely of good enough quality.

To do a quick check. Just print it out on your own printer at roughly the size you want. If it "bitmaps on your printer. It will on ours.

Are the colours shown on the website accurate?
NO. Like TVs the colour balance on individual computers can vary wildly unless it has been colour calibrated. If you are unsure of a colour. Call us. We will happily send you colour sample.

Can I cancel or alter my order?
Within two hours of your placing your order- yes of course you can. After two hours â€" yes but only if we have not started to cut. Either way please contact us asap.

My order has not arrived what do I do.?
Give us a call with your order number. It will be on your confirmation order. The vast majority of our orders are packed in boxes and do not fit through letter boxes.

The Postman should leave a note, but they are only human & sometimes don't. More often than not the package is either with a neighbour or back at the Post Office. Please check there first.

I have checked the neighbour and the Post Office and it isn't there.
Unclaimed parcels ones are usually returned to us by the Post Office after 3 weeks.

Don't worry we are not heartless We will always do our best to sort it out for you. We have missing Post too!

If we replace it and the original turns up, keep it with our compliments. It is nice however to know that it did arrive.

The Post and Packaging cost is outrageous!
Your P&P is not just the cost of the stamp. It includes the cost of the box or hardback envelope, protective filling, in fact everything needed to ensure that it stands the best possible chance of getting to you in one piece.

It also includes the labour and time taken going to a Post Office.

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